Hello Bar is an application that helps online marketers create unobtrusive and effective popups on their site. It also integrates with WordPress using the Hello Bar plugin.

Neil Patel, a Forbes Top Ten Digital Marketer is the owner and developer of Hello Bar. Neil and his team of online marketers have spent about a decade perfecting this tool, making Hello Bar the oldest and most reliable popup tool for driving conversions.

What does Hello Bar do? Well, it does a lot, but the easiest answer is that it helps improve lead capture, resolve a high bounce rate, and ultimately, drive conversions on your website.

So, how will Hello Bar help your business? 

Once activated, you get access to important features that can improve lead conversions, such as:

A/B testing

This feature allows you to test several variations of any popup to know which is the best to run on your site. You can optimise the wording, colour, and entire structure of the popup to get the best possible lead conversion rate (a good conversion rate is usually between 2-3%).

Targeting visitors with specialized popups

Hello Bar has 200+ parameters that you can use to target visitors browsing your site. You can set the popup to appear after a certain time, to appear only to visitors from certain sources, and more.

Exit intent popups

Reduce cart abandonment and high bounce rates with Hello Bar’s exit intent (not to be confused with search intent) popup technology.

This allows you to customise popups that will appear to visitors who are about to leave your site. Exit intent technology tracks the customer’s cursor as it moves towards the “X” to close the tab.

When you combine this with A/B tested popups, you can increase lead capture significantly.

The Hello Bar plugin is great if you run a WordPress website because despite the expertise involved in developing it, it’s still very easy to use.

In this article, we’ll show you how to set up a converting Hello bar popup in a few minutes, and why it’s good for your business.

How do you use Hello Bar?

The Hello Bar plugin has different use examples to help you convert prospects into leads, buyers, and subscribers. These are made possible by careful customisation, targeting, tracking, and optimisation of the popups that visitors of your site will see.

There are five types of Hello Bar popups:

  1. Header & Footer Bars.
  2. Modals pop up at key moments to capture your visitor’s attention.
  3. Alerts are Hello Bar examples that prompt engagement.
  4. Sliders give your readers a slideshow of important content.
  5. Page Takeovers are hello bars that are ideal if you want to be as conspicuous as possible.
Hello Bar types

Let’s look at 5 examples of how these different Hello Bars can drive conversions

1 – Generate chat leads

The live chat widget is a useful tool if placed and operated properly. Chat lead generation is optimised if the live chat button is visible to the visitor anywhere on the website.

Eventbrite makes use of a hello bar alert popup to attract visitors to the chatbot.

Hello Bar examples

2 – Target visitors with special offers on your website

Several Hello Bar popups can be styled and targeted to bring the attention of your site visitors to special offers that will persuade them to make purchases.

Perhaps you want to notify your visitors about buy now, pay later (BNPL) payment solutions. Morphe uses a header bar.

Hello Bar examples

MADE offers their visitors “there’s free delivery on everything” with a header bar

Hello Bar examples

This sticky bar also functions as a slider and targets holiday shoppers with a brilliant call to action that evokes a sense of urgency.

Hello Bar examples

Adidas uses its header sticky bar to display free shipping offers, holiday promos, and 60 days returns & exchanges offer.

Hello Bar examples

3 – Run ads and campaigns for discounts and coupon codes

Discounts are a tale as old as man with the potential to drive conversions. You could use different types of popups and they would all be great for this purpose.

ASOS makes use of a regular bar header to give their customers coupon codes and discounts.

Hello Bar examples

MORPHE makes use of a persistent footer bar to bring visitors’ attention to their limited-time-only holiday discount and the code with which to redeem it.

Hello Bar examples

Visitors to Ray-Ban’s site will not miss the 50% discount displayed on a hello bar alert popup immediately after the site loads.

Hello Bar examples

4 – Grow an email list

Mailing list marketing is important for getting more subscribers and building a more personal relationship with leads. Hello Bars help you persuade your visitors to join your mailing list or newsletter.

MADE uses a Hello bar alert popup with a special offer of £10 off your first order when you sign up for their newsletter.

Hello Bar examples

5 – Bring the visitor’s attention to important information

You can highlight your values and other information that appeals to your leads.

Ray-Ban’s promotes its GREEN SHIPPING policy with a header bar.

Hello Bar examples

It also functions as a slider that rotates through other relevant information as you scroll through their site.

Hello Bar examples

How do you make a Hello Bar?

So, how do you make your very own sticky announcement bar that drives conversions for your website? It’s simple, just follow these 7 steps:

  1. First, head over to Hellobar.com, insert your website URL and other details, then click “Create Account”.
Hello Bar sign up
  1. On your home page, click the “Create a new popup” button
Create a new pop up
  1. Select what you want the bar to achieve
Choose goal for your pop up
  1. Select the type of bar you want for the goal you’ve just selected. You’ll also get recommendations for which type of Hello Bar best suits your goal.
Choose type of pop up
  1. Type in your message and design the Hello Bar to your taste using the tools in the sidebar.
custom design your pop up
  1. Preview this new site element as it would appear on different screen resolutions including desktop, tablet, and mobile.
Preview pop up before publishing
  1. You can hit the “Save & Pause” button and continue later, or hit “Publish” if you’re satisfied with the campaign you just designed for your website.

The next question is, “how do I add my Hello Bar to WordPress?” Well, that’s simple too. Try this step-by-step guide:

  • Go to your Hello Bar homepage under “Install”. You’ll see different installation methods for Wix and even for developers, but you can click on the “I use WordPress” column.
Install Hello Bar script to WordPress
  • Click on the line of code and it will be automatically copied to your clipboard.
Install Hello Bar script to WordPress
  • Next, go to your WordPress admin dashboard and click “Plugins” in the sidebar. 
WordPress plugin for Hello Bar
  • Search for “Hello Bar” in the search box, hit “Install Now” then “Activate”.
WordPress plugin for Hello Bar
  • Click “HelloBar” in the sidebar, then paste your code at the bottom of the page. You’ll get an installation confirmation message.
WordPress plugin for Hello Bar
  • And we’re live!
Hello Bar example of live pop up

How much is Hello Bar?

“Is Hello Bar Free?” Well, Hello Bar pricing starts with a “free forever” option.

But does this free pricing drive conversions and provide functionality? The simple answer is, yes. But, the amount of functionality and ROI you desire from your popups will determine what pricing option suits your business.

The table below shows what you’ll get from the four different Hello Bar pricing options:

Pricing OptionMonthly ViewsA/B TestingPopupsEmail IntegrationsTargetingTechnical SupportPricing(Monthly/Annually)
Starter (Free Forever)5,0001 Live Test10BasicDevice TypeBasic$0

Obviously, you’re not going to get more value for a free forever Hello Bar subscription than someone who actually pays. But it might just be what you need. And it may not be optimal for the long run, it’s definitely the best way to try out the product.

For one, with the free Hello Bar, you can get as many subscribers and collect as many emails as you want.

But the value of the total package lies in the analytics – the “whys”. This is because you can get as many subscribers as you want, but if you don’t have a good guess why they are subscribing, the likelihood of your continued success is low.

Key Hello Bar tools in the Growth, Premium, and Elite pricing options can help you get surgical precision while maintaining a wide reach. In essence, they help you increase your lead capture while driving more sales.

Just like a master fisherman casting his net.

The tools specific to the other pricing options include:

  • “Unlimited” popups and A/B testing
  • Highly customisable targeting
  • Premium email and Zapier integrations
  • A higher view potential on your popups.

Head over to Hello Bar and select your preferred pricing option starting with “free forever”.

Hello Bar examples

What’s the point of all this if you can’t tell if Hello Bar actually works? The fact is, it has worked for many businesses; improving lead generation, collecting emails and contacts, and most importantly, generating revenue.

On their website, Hello Bar claims that you can “Convert 83% More Of Your Visitors Into Leads, Subscribers & Buyers”. They also list some of their most popular clients using the tool, and they include big names like:

  • The Tim Ferriss Show
  • MensHealth
  • Cloudflare
  • Salesforce
  • Fox
  • Seth Godin

What about regular businesses with less clout and less experience? Does Hello Bar improve lead conversion in their businesses?

Let’s look at 5 examples of businesses that got a good ROI using Hello Bar popups:

  1. Jkinis Swimwear collected 103 emails in a month even without traffic from ads

Jkinis owner, Julie, was looking for a solution to increase sales since the traffic generated from ads was not cutting it.

After stumbling on Hello Bar, she saw the potential it had for growing her small business.

She created an exit intent popup for visitors leaving the site. The process wasn’t so simple though – she went through A/B testing for many variations.

Eventually, she arrived at these two popups. Variation 1. . .

Pop up A/B testing

And variation 2

Pop up A/B testing

They had a significant CTR of 3.2% and 3.7% respectively.

In just her first month using Hello Bar, she collected as many as 103 emails.

Email collection pop up
  1. LeadQuizzes increased lead capture by 37.96% in a month

This is one of the best case studies of Hello Bar’s effectiveness. LeadQuizzes makes use of targeting, important triggers for great copy, A/B testing, and a properly constructed quiz.

The aim was to increase lead capture, by grabbing the attention of leads that are just about to leave the website.

This was possible with a Hello Bar exit intent pop-up.

LeadQuizzes A/B tested three initial takeover popups with differing CTA, images, and colours. Variation 3 had the highest Click Through Rate (CTR) at 4.3%.

Quiz pop up example

The results were deemed to be “statistically significant” as well.

Conversion rate

They then A/B tested that variation of the exit intent pop-up with two more variations.

Variation 4 included:

  • a different custom image
  • copy leading in with a question
  • use of the “FREE” trigger word
  • free personalised report as an incentive.
lead magnet pop up

It didn’t fare well as the CTR plummeted to 2.6%.

Variation 5 included:

  • copy leading in with a stat
  • a different custom image
  • up to 15x more leads as an incentive
lead magnet pop up

It got the best CTR at 6.4%.

Further modifications and A/B testing of four other variations for this popup resulted in a new variation with a satisfactory CTR of 7.1%.

A/B testing conversion
A/B testing conversion

This final pop-up variation was only different from variation 5 by a slightly darker CTA button and slightly different wording for the CTA.

Quiz pop up example

The next thing LeadQuizzes did was to optimise the quiz that the CTA button would lead to. The original quiz had a conversion rate of 26%, but after modifications and A/B testing, they attained a conversion rate of 29%.

Pop up A/B testing

Before they began the entire lead capture project using the exit intent pop-up and quiz, LeadQuizzes measured their entire website-capture average. The result for the previous four months stood at 2.16%.

After using the new exit intent pop-up and quiz from A/B testing for a month, the website-capture average increased by 37.96%.

This reflects the fact that the Hello Bar tools and results were accurate in predicting what would work as a better lead magnet.

  1. LeadQuizzes captured leads and promoted content

LeadQuizzes made use of Hello Bar slider popups to capture leads and promote content like podcasts and blogs. These slider popups are not intrusive and appear at the corner of the screen.

Slide in pop up example

LeadQuizzes made use of the slider popup to capture leads. They started off with this regular design.

Slide in pop up example

It had a Click Through Rate (CTR) of 0.8%. The CTR was the same even without the image.

Increase click through rate

A new popup with an Eminem image, copy, and CTA to match bumped up the CTR to 1.7%.

Increase click through rate

Lionel Richie took the CTR even further to 2.8%.

Increase click through rate

LeadQuizzes then used this popup to promote their podcast and got a CTR of 1.2%.

Increase click through rate

After one month of using this promotion, the popup was responsible for 20.69% of the entire podcast main page traffic.

  1. Best for Bride’s increased lead generation by 261% in one month

This is a perfect example that highlights the difference in value between the various Hello Bar pricing options. And the reason is simple, Best for Bride’s got “priority technical support” to set up their Hello Bars.

Prior to working with the Hello Bar team, this was what their lead generation stats looked like.

hello bar analytics

After working with the team for a month, they got a 261% increase in lead generation and a significant increase in popup views as well.

hello bar analytics

The results were similar for the next one-month period too.

hello bar analytics

So, what did the Hello Bar technical support team do to bring such growth in such a short time?

First, they tried to resolve the site’s high bounce rate with an exit intent popup.

Exit intent pop up

The next thing they did was to replace Best for Bride’s singular popup that displayed sitewide. Instead, they created specialised popups for each demographic. For example, bridesmaids got a different popup when browsing. . .

Exit intent pop up

And brides got something unique too.

Exit intent pop up

They also created a specialised popup for people visiting on their mobile and tablet devices.

Personalized pop up

The increase in the site’s lead capture was clear – Best for Brides got 1,700 new leads in a 3-month period.

Pop up analytics
  1. LeadQuizzes got 2,431 more contacts and $52,223 profit with Hello Bar

They made use of A/B testing and a short quiz to achieve this.

The initial Hello Bar popup looked like this. . .

Hello Bar examples

After A/B testing, they found that this variation of the Hello Bar popup below was the best as it increased the conversion rate from 1.7% to 5.4%.

Hello Bar examples

Clicking “Yes” would bring about the next question. . .

Hello Bar examples

Clicking “Yes” again led to a short quiz, instead of the common practice of leading directly to the signup or subscription page. LeadQuizzes built a short quiz to get the clearest description of what these potential customers wanted.

Hello Bar examples

They were requested to fill in their emails, and if they qualified, they could sign up for the beta version of the software.

Hello Bar examples

The result was a 53% completion rate, a total of 2,431 new leads and a resulting $52,223 revenue in the space of a month.

Hello Bar examples

At the end of the day, you want to not only drive traffic to your site but also want to subscribe readers to whatever you’re offering.

These five successful Hello Bar examples show just why the tool is great for converting leads.

Now you’re ready to get started with Hello Bar, click here for your free trial.

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